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Jamie Krutz


U.S. Department of Energy:
Jamie writes, directs, shoots, animates, edits and scores
"Solar Basics" educational video.
Featured with the U.S. Department of Energy's Sunshot Initiative.

Sun and Earth
Frame from "Solar Basics"
Animation: Sun and Earth

Solar panels
Frame from "Solar Basics"
Solar Panels

Sun From Earth Animation
Frame from "Solar Basics"
Animation: Sun From Earth

U.S. Department of Energy:
Jamie writes, directs, shoots, animates, edits and scores
"Photovoltaics" educational video.

Frame from "Photovoltaics"
Satellite Animation

Thin film coating
Frame from "Photovoltaics"
Thin Film Coating

Frame from "Photovoltaics"
Research In Action

Jamie writes, directs, shoots, animates, edits and scores
"Mysteries in the Mesosphere" educational video.

Meteor Approaches Earth
Frame from "Mysteries in the Mesosphere"
Meteor Approaches Earth

The Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics:
Jamie performs on and helps arrange the soundtrack of "Oh! PMCs"
A music video from the NASA Aeronomy of Ice in the Mesosphere (AIM) mission

PMC image by Christopher Martin
Frame from "Oh PMCs"
Polar Mesospheric Clouds

Spaceport Colorado:
Jamie shoots presentations by Edison2 CEO Oliver Kuttner
and Spaceport Colorado for investors and the general public,
featuring an electric version of the X-Prize winning VLC (Very Light Car).

Electric VLC Car
Edison2 VLC
Lining up for rides

Jamie directs, shoots and edits video
for Google's regional and national conferences.

Jamie directs, shoots and edits video
for Facebook broadcast news release.

Photography for Space Dynamics Laboratory/Utah State University

Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government:
Jamie shoots "Politics As Theater" presentation for the Joan Shorenstein
Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy, with Livestream, NY.
Featuring Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin,
Annenberg Public Policy Center Director Kathleen Hall Jamieson
(overseeing FactCheck.org), Former Senator Alan K. Simpson,
NBC Correspondent Chuck Todd, and Author Alex S. Jones.

Kevin Nealon Television Comedy Special:
Jamie shoots Saturday Night Live alumnus Kevin Nealon's
Showtime Comedy Special with LA's New Wave Productions

Tom Rhodes Television Comedy Special:
Jamie shoots comedian Tom Rhodes at the Boulder Theater
with LA's New Wave Productions

Rob Riggle Interviews:
Jamie shoots actor Rob Riggle interviews for 21 Jump Street, The Movie
for Sony Pictures, with LA's Junket Productions
Aired on Western USA TV stations and Starz Network

Colorado Renewable Energy Society:
Jamie creates map booklet for the Denver Tour of Solar Homes.

Jamie directs, shoots, animates and edits "Eyes," a short film for festival release,
starring Greg Barker and Alastair Hennessy, and featuring music from Greg's excellent new "Eyes" CD.

frame from Eyes
Frame from "Eyes"

frame from Eyes
Frame from "Eyes"

frame from Eyes
Frame from "Eyes"

Ed Begley Jr.:
Jamie provides solar illustration for
Ed Begley Jr.'s Guide to Sustainable Living.

Jamie's Hot Water Solar Illustration
Illustration by Jamie Krutz

Jamie directs, shoots and edits video
for StorageTek training.

AT&T Blue Room:
Jamie shoots Staind concert at the Fillmore Auditorium
with Tupelo-Honey Productions.

Democratic National Convention:
Jamie shoots DNC post nomination concert featuring Black Eyed Peas,
will.i.am, Fergie, John Legend and Herbie Hancock, with Perennial
Sports and Entertainment and Music Link Productions.

Mile High Music Festival:
Jamie shoots the Mile High Music Festival featuring Steve Winwood,
Flogging Molly, The Black Crowes, Michael Franti and Spearhead,
Martin Sexton, State Radio and Ferras, with Music Link Productions
and AEG Live.

Jamie directs, shoots and edits music video for 12 piece Boulder band Funkiphino.

Frames from Funkiphino music video

Sun Microsystems:
Jamie shoots Sun's coolest Vice Presidents in New York
and edits, animates and composes music and SFX for nine videos
for Sun's national conference in Las Vegas.

frame from Product Launcher
Frame from "Product Launcher"

frame from PC, Mac, Solaris
Frame from "PC, Mac, Solaris"

Smart Energy Living:
Jamie shoots the cover photo
for Smart Energy Living magazine
and interviews Colorado Governor Bill Ritter
about the new energy economy.

Governor Ritter Dedicates Solar Housing Development
Photograph by Jamie Krutz
Governor Ritter Dedicates Solar Housing Development

Jamie writes energy efficiency and renewable energy articles for
various Smart Energy Living magazine issues.

Jamie directs, shoots and edits music videos for Funkiphino,
including music from the hot Funkiphino CD "Rise Above."

Frame from Funkiphino music video

Jamie directs, shoots and edits two new video releases for Storytime Yoga.
Jamie arranges and records Storytime Yoga theme music for PBS pilot.

Jamie directs, shoots and edits Goju Ryu Karate
and Matayoshiu Kobudo Training Guide DVD for Boulder Kodokan.

Jamie shoots live studio concert and interview with Arum Rae
for Barefoot Radio.

Writer/Director for Lifestyle Network's
outdoor video series "Take A Hike."

Jamie directs, shoots and edits three videos
for Google's regional conference.

Photography for the Colorado Energy Science Center.

Solar Home
Photograph by Jamie Krutz
Zero Energy Cempo Home - Designer/Builder Davide Picard

Photography for the Bovine Metropolis Theater, Denver.

Soundtrack composer for animated television show "Pilot."

Composer for the Storytime Yoga CD
“The Peddlar's Dream, Wisdom Stories From Around The World.”

Session musician for new CD projects including
Mark Bradford - "High Road" Progressive Rock CD (Guitar, Violin)
Mellani Day and Dazed - "Mostly True" Jazz/Blues CD (Guitar, Violin)
Jimmy Winokur - "Studio 76" Jazz/Rock/Classical CD (Violin, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass, Drums)
Joe Kissack - "Country Glue" Progressive Country CD (Piano, B3 Organ, Violin)
11th Hour - Say Something To The World" Indie Rock CD (Piano, B3 Organ).
Turbo Gerbil - Self Titled Speed Metal CD (Drums, Vocals)

Chosen for Gentle Giant tribute CD:
Jamie writes, produces and records "If A Tree" with bassist Jeff Smith.
(Violin, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitars, Drums, B3 Organ, Clavinet, Piano, Synthesizers)

Jamie shoots Ciara's Fillmore Auditorium concert
with L.A.'s Scenic Route Pictures and Denver's Music Link Productions.

Warped Tour:
Jamie shoots Fall Out Boy interview
and concert footage with L.A.'s Flow Films.

G. Brown Shows:
Jamie shoots interview and concert footage
with Firefall and John McEuen (Nitty Gritty Dirt Band).

Jamie composes, orchestrates and records "Son Of My Father"
for the documentary "Time in the Barrel, Death and Life in Vietnam."
Winner of the "Best Documentary" Prize - 2006 Portland Longbaugh Film Festival.
Watch for it on your PBS station.

Jamie composes music for the A.C.E. Comedy CD "Audible A.C.E."
Featured performances with A.C.E. at the Denver Improv Fest: 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.
Featured performances and editing for the A.C.E. Television Pilot.
Director, DP, Editor and Soundtrack Composer for "The Bland Witch Project" with A.C.E.
Music production for the Chicken Lips sketch/improv show "Anonymous Sources."
Ongoing performances at Denver's Bovine Metropolis Theater with improv troupes A.C.E., Nitrous Oxide and Funishment.
Tours to New York, Los Angeles and Chicago (Second City) with A.C.E.

Design and Documentation:
Jamie consults on software design and UX for innovative products.
He also writes documentation and produces educational and promotional material for qualifying projects.
He has contributed to ground-breaking products for playing and aggregating media, testing software,
programming, 3D animation, GIS visualization, music production, video production, water quality
testing, and other media and technical products on multiple platforms.


Media Production


Copyright Jamie Krutz - All Rights Reserved